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It’s Time to Radically Reevaluate “Reared-Apart” (Separated) Twin Studies

   Summary and Link to the Main Article It’s Time to Radically Reevaluate “Reared-Apart” (Separated) Twin Studies   By Jay Joseph, Psy.D. August 9th, 2020 (Link to the full-article pdf HERE ) The “validity of twin studies” question is very important because these studies supply the main “scientific” evidence in support of the “nature” (genetic) side of the long-running “nature-nurture” debate. The question of whether genes or environments are the main cause of human behavioral differences has profound implications for social relations and political policy decisions.  In a previous article I summarized the critique of “twin method” studies, which use reared-together twins. I argued that the main assumption these studies are based on is false, and I concluded that the twin method should be abandoned as a tool for the detection of genetic influences on behavior. In the present article I summarize and add to the main arguments that I and other critics have made against gen